Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mini Review - The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Series

Review by Pokefreak

While Wind Waker HD, Link to The Past 2 and an unnamed Zelda Wii U game are in development, Nintendo has been kind enough to give us some filler until the Christmas season. And that filler is two games for the price of one, Pokemon style.

That's not a good way of describing it. Back in 2001, Nintendo teamed up with Capcom (who would later assist with Minish Cap and Four Swords) to make two brand new Zelda games for the Gameboy Color. The Oracle games, according to the official timeline, are sequels to Link to The Past and prequels to Link's Awakening and star the very same Link. While they were released alongside each other similar to Pokemon, these two games have very different plots and areas, despite looking near identical in graphics alone.

Yup, these screens are from two different games. 
Capcom reused the engine from Link's Awakening to make these.

The games have different puzzles and plot based on their names: Ages and Seasons. Ages has you going back and forth 400 years into the past in the region of Labrynna to fix the future and save the Oracle of Ages, Nayru (pictured in the top left singing) from her kidnapper who's possessing her, the sorceress Veran. Seasons has the seasons being thrown out of order in the region of Holodrum due to the Oracle of Seasons, Din (top right, on the stump) being kidnapped by an brutish general named Onox who sunk the Temple of Seasons into the ground. The two seem to be working together for... something. I won't spoil it.

What makes these games unique is that you can link the games together via passwords after completing them to extend your game and advance the plot even more, showing that Onox and Veran weren't the only problem facing the lands of Holodrum and Labrynna along an extended story and even a new final boss.

Overall, the Oracle games are a nice addition to anyone's 3DS. Solid Zelda action and puzzles for a cheap price and a cool addition to the Zelda storyline. Both are on the eShop for a discounted price of $4.99, so there's no real reason not to get them.


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