Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nintendo Direct 10.1.13 Impressions

Dammit, Nintendo. October was exciting enough with Wind Waker HD's release, and Pokemon X/Y and the 2DS being released in a week, but now you go and show another Direct out of nowhere and get us even more hyped. How am I supposed to pay for all these games?! HUH?!?! Sigh. It's not easy being a Nintendo gamer.  
Anyway, here's my impressions on the MegaDirectachu: 

"Bowser! That's not a health fairy from Hyrule! Bowser, STOP!" 
Super Mario 3-D World: Since its first reveal during the E3 Direct, I've never been personally excited for a 3-D Mario game since Mario Galaxy. And it isn't just them throwing out the ho-hum "Bowser-kidnaps-Peach-repeat-moan" plotline and letting you play Peach for a change that's exciting; the game itself looks like a completely new and fresh experience, especially after years of NSMB sequels. This could very well be a masterpiece from the likes we haven't seen since Mario Galaxy 2, and it might just be the icebreaker game that makes me go and finally buy a Wii U already. 
New TBA Kirby 3DS/2DS title revealed: The 3-D background/foreground gimmick wouldn't look as cool for 2DS owners, but the game looks fun at least. KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYY 

Sonic is back for Smash Bros 4: Haters gonna hate, because Sonic is ready to return to the Smash Bros. roster and K.O. everyone 5 times in a row with his Super Sonic Smash Attack. Nah, he'll probably be balanced this time around (I kid, Sonic fans). Also, look at that kick@ss Sonic World stage, I mean WOW. 
Link Between Worlds to have nonlinear dungeons: We didn't get that new Zelda Wii U info this past Direct like everyone predicted (come on, it was about games that were going to be released THIS year, learn how to read), but we got some new footage for Link Between Worlds to tide us over. Even more interesting is the info that the game will a much nonlinear approach to how you complete dungeons. Finally, now remember to do the same for the Water Temple the next time you re-release OoT, Nintendo. 
M&S at the Olympic Games doesn't look that bad: huh. 
I guess you could say this game's release date is...*puts sunglasses on* Frozen. YEEE- *gets shot* 
"Please Understand": While it's dumb to nit-pick about one game being delay, it's not good for a struggling system that has had most of its games' release dates pushed months ahead. It also begs the question whether Nintendo has anything planned for Wii U for the first quarter of 2014. Oh well, at least we have Super Mario 3-D World and plenty of 3DS titles to keep us occupied. 
Really, all this Direct needed was to show a little footage of Super Mario 3-D World and it would've won me over, but it had to go and show a new Kirby game, new Street Pass Relay content, Bravery Default, and other stuff I just so happen to not mention. Sigh. I love/hate being a Nintendo gamer. 

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