Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nintendo Direct 11.13.13 Impressions


(Direct linking of the video is giving a "not found" error message, so here's the the URL to the youtube video: 

This month's Direct can be compared to going to a theater that beings bombarded you with trailers that reveal their movies entire plotlines before they're even released, and then urging you to go and see them a day later. 


Single Cross-platform accounts (woo!): No more must we deal with having two separate accounts for our 3DS and Wii U, and no more must we have to shell out extra dough for a eShop points card for Nintendo's evil marketing vendetta to make you pay more for no reason. Finally, we only need one single cross-platform account to access all our game transactions, just like nature intended. Now all we need is a way to connect both systems to Miiverse...
Miiverse for 3DS: Oh! Here it is! Now I wish for a Pokemon Snap 2..., can't always get what you want. 


November 22nd: Is the particular date this month that you'll hate yourself for buying three games in one day. Not only is A Link Between Worlds and Mario Party 3DS being released on that day, but so is Super Mario 3D World, because Nintendo is setting fire to your wallet and the only discounts this month are for VC games so "haha your needs, right".

3DS Youtube App: Oh sweet, now I can look up por- er, Pokemon videos on my 3DS. Uh...yeah, go Pokemon!...  



SPOILER AL- actually no, we'll just not warn you: Wow, what a stupid way to ruin a perfectly good Direct. Gameplay trailers are fine, but did they have to reveal the main baddie in A Link Between Worlds (no, it wasn't that obvious; some Zelda games DO have bosses other than Ganon) and why show all the coolest new stages and unlockables in Super Mario 3D World just a few weeks before launch? Please don't pull this stunt with Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, Nintendo, some of us want to play your games and watch Directs without having to hear you say "Hey I hear you like (insert game) well here's every unlockable item, character, and boss trololololol".  

Um...: Where's Flipnote Studios 3D exactly?

I might be picky, but I best want my steak to be served well done and in my tummy before I even think about desert. Nintendo has already served desert and I'm still eating the appetizer. Oh well, November 22nd looks delicious nonetheless (why I'm I still using food as a metaphor?) and Miiverse and Youtube on 3DS is a good thing as well as not. Needless to say, I'm starving. (sigh...sorry)



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