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Blog home page: http://nintendo5star.blogspot.com
Forum home page: http://z6.invisionfree.com/N5S/index.php
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/pikaby
Taiko Time (our sister blog, a fansite for Taiko no Tatsujin): http://taikotime.blogspot.com/


Own a small videogame blog? Want to affiliate with us? Yeah, we're very small (and don't update that often), but if you're new to the whole blog/forum scene too, especially if it's related to videogames, we could do a lot to help each other. Small blog + ten other small blogs = one big network. Let's work together! Oh yeah, our pageviews...we've been getting 250 uniques on average per day, and a little bit over 9000 views per month(meme alert!). Not too shabby for a 3-month old blog, right?

Interested? Contact me at pikaby@gmail.com.

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