Monday, January 25, 2010

The Nintendo 5-Star Team

Now introducing our ragtag team of six heroes who manage Nintendo 5-Star and keep it running! Some of them also help us post our blogs. The links take you to our forum profiles, if you have anything to ask us.

pikaby (Admin)
Pikaby is a deviant gamer in a country dominated by Sony's consoles (Malaysia), and is the head honcho of Nintendo 5-Star. He loves Nintendo games and all things cute, and he's pretty lenient about game quality and choice, playing just about anything except realistic sports games, tactical shooters and real-time strategy. He also imports many games in Japanese so he gets to play them first, especially when it comes to Pokemon. Generally an all-around nice guy, he can sometimes get too serious and isn't good at cracking jokes, something N5S is renowned for.

Destiny Guy (Co-admin)
Our co-admin, and a responsible, dependable person. He likes his games deep, rich, full of dialogue and complex mechanics. As such, he leans towards many JRPGs, and especially likes Atlus' works, and the Dept. Heaven series by Sting. Because of his gaming affinities, his vocabulary and sense of humor are refined and his sentences laced with flowery words. He knows gaming quotes no one else does. His mother is an inside joke of our forum for no apparent reason, but everyone, including himself, is fine with it.

toadster101 (Moderator, PR)
toadster101 is a hardcore Nintendo gaming fan from Canada who is especially picky of what games he chooses to like, even if they're from Nintendo. Many good games have received plenty of strong criticism from him. However, toadster has a soft spot for Donkey Kong and Rare-made games. Around the forum he is quirky and fun to be around. He also runs the Mario Kart clan of Nintendo 5-Star, and is quite the expert online player in Mario Kart Wii, as well as being good in competitive Pokemon matches. Also a big fan of crude humor and Wario.

johnny139 (Moderator)
johnny139 is a general Nintendo lover from the US. He has no real dislikes to most of Nintendo's major franchises, and even if he hasn't played a game before, he'll have a lot to say about it. Basically he has opinions on most every single topic we bring up. However, if he likes a game, he really likes a game, and would go all out to express his interest. In particular is Tatsunoko vs Capcom for the Nintendo Wii and the Phoenix Wright series. His tone of speech(or typing, since we're here on the Net) is tame and he rarely uses strong language. Probably the only Tingle fan you'll ever meet.

Pokefreak113 (Moderator)
As his name would suggest, Pokemon takes up most of his gaming time, and he even plays some of the Pokemon spinoffs, like the Mystery Dungeon series. He doesn't play competitively, however, he just plays for fun. Likes only the best Nintendo games, and thus finds many mediocre games to be completely uninteresting. Pokefreak is the butt end of many inside pranks and jokes around Nintendo 5 Star. I won't explain further, head over to the forum to see for yourself how this wacky character turned N5S on its head. Writes a few game review blogs for us.

CRAZ1ah (Moderator)
CRAZ1ah is our native jokester, and king of off-topic discussions. Loves funny gaming and anime quotes and frequently brings them into the site. CRAZ is also a big Wario fan, and loves the WarioWare series, and looks forward to WarioWare DIY changing the face of the earth and its entire mindset of making minigames. Plays most of Nintendo's offerings and as usual, has no major dislikes for most games. Is one of our most iconic members, and a strong symbol of how off-the-wall we can be, and yet still stay cool-headed.


  1. Hmm... I think this post is really only of use to the six of us who can laugh at how true it is. Still, I laughed at this because of how true it is.

  2. I always am the butt-end, aren't I?

  3. Why "113"? You know those can't be taken, right?

  4. Hey wait a minute, who said I was ok with the whole DG's mom thing? I more or less tolerate it, but I don't exactly approve of it!

  5. I can edit it out if you want :P

  6. I'm lazy to remove my numbers. If they become a severe nusiance, then sure.