Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monster Hunter Tri G + Slide Pad

Okay, I know I haven't been covering enough of the combination of these two so I'm going to do them in one go very briefly.

If you've played Monster Hunter Tri on Wii before and enjoyed it while playing offline, you're going to enjoy this even more! A 3DS port is on the way and was announced at Tokyo Game Show this year together with Monster Hunter 4, also on 3DS. It contains all the monsters you've fought in Tri plus recolored versions who are stronger, AND most of the monsters ans new areas introduced in the PSP version, Portable 3rd.....AAAND brand-new monsters, of which one of them (Brachidios) is the cover boy, replacing the sea dragon Lagiacrus. (Brachi is on the top left of the next scan)

Here's the trailer.

Oh, and there will be no online for Tri G, unlike its Wii big brother. Before you guys start bringing pitchforks to Capcom (again), remember that Monster Hunter was never big on online to begin with. None of the PS2 nor the PSP games have online play of any sort despite having the capability to do so. Tri was the first one, and we were lucky to even get it; Japanese had to pay a subscription fee of 1000 Wii Points for 3 months of online.

And then there's the 2nd Slide Pad, which I rather like despite all the hatred everyone's been pouring over it since TGS due to the added bulk and asymmetrical design it gives the 3DS. I'll talk about why I don't hate it in a later entry.

Anyway, six titles have been confirmed to use the thing, which has not just an analog stick, but also three extra shoulder buttons, one on the left and two on the right, which is great for added functionality. At least six games are confirmed compatible with it (and Luigi's Mansion 2 being rumored to support it due to this scan of the Monster Hunter Tri G bundle and a green 3DS with Slide Pad and Luigi's Mansion 2 being on the screen). It uses one AAA battery.

One thing I cannot emphasize enough about it, and to be honest still not enough people know this, is that every game that supports this accessory can also be played perfectly fine without it. It is NOT COMPULSORY.


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  1. Nintendo your games always look so new and fresh and unique, why oh why won't you support the Iphone and Android markets?