Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nintendo Direct announcements!

With the closing of Nintendo Direct's pre-E3 show today, there's been some interesting announcements. One announcement is that the Wii-U is receiving a new traditional controller that looks similar to the Xbox360 controller:

The controller will give gamers an alternative control scheme for playing Wii-U games without the touch screen interface.

And if that wasn't enough a new trailer for NSMB2 was revealed at the pre-show. It is compatible with Miiverse (posted above) and new gameplay elements were hinted at in the comments by the Miis on the world map, including a flying squirrel suit and a baby Yoshi that can inflate to carry Mario. Sounds fun to me!

The background elements and world map give off a Super Mario World vibe, and looks a whole lot smoother overall. It's the 3DS version though, the Wii U one will probably be shown at E3.

This is surely the tip of the iceberg, so get your body ready this Tuesday for many more updates, when Nintendo's conference goes live. See you at E3!
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