Monday, December 31, 2012

The Big N5 of the Week - Brave LEGO ninja soldiers know the Force

It has happened. We are all scavenging survivors of the apocalypse: never to know the life we had before and forced to eat each other once our Twinkie supply has run out. ...Wait...what's that you say? We're still alive? Well, I guess this would be a good time to reflect on what happened in the past week, before we resort to cannibalism...because you're looking mighty tasty... 

5. Swords and Soldiers coming to 3DS eShop. 
The WiiWare cult hit Swords and Soldiers is coming to the 3DS eShop next year. No word on a release date, but a Demo was hinted for next year. New DLC was also confirmed for all you viking mercenaries who want more post-game content. 

4. Senran Kagura Burst Localization teased? 
This busty ninja 3DS game from Japan (courtesy of XSeed) might be getting a Western eShop release. Producer Kenichiro Takaki, hoped to bring the game westside in downloadable format. The game is already on the Japanese eShop, and while it may never reach the West, Takaki had this to say: "I'll wrap the world in happy bobs next year." Well, that could mean many things, but it still gives hope for future localizations.

3. LEGO Zelda was almost a reality.
Sadly it was debunked at the last second in favor of Back to the Future. It was so close too. This would've been incredible as an actual game, but now we at least get to cheer on LEGO Mario or LEGO Metroid in the future. (Come on, make it happen!)


 2. Animal Crossing New Leaf outsells in Japan (Over 2 Million copies!!) 
Every copy sold in just one week: both retail and in pre-paid cards. New Leaf outsold more in Japan in one week than any other game released during or prior to it's launch, also boosting 3DS sells, outselling the Vita 46 to 1. Game sales now reach just over 2 million copies, both physical and digital. Judging by the size of Japan, I'd say literally everyone with a 3DS has AC: NL- or five 3DS's each, yeah that could be it. I can't wait to see how well it does worldwide! 

1. NP spiritual successor Nintendo Force Magazine! 
With the closing of Nintendo Power magazine, came the loss of a great childhood memory to all of us. But luckily for you, it is not ending: the internet's most faithful Nintendo fans are coming together to bring you the spiritual successor to the magazine, called Nintendo Force. You can view their home page to learn more of this exciting new project. May the Force be with you.

In other news, a new Mother (Earthbound) re-release is in the making, and GameFreak will reveal big news concerning Pokemon on January 8th! We'll be sure to bring more info once we learn more! 

Happy New Year, Everyone!  

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