Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Big N5 of the Week - Deck the HALs!

Whoa, how long has it been? We've haven't had a Big 5 in over a month! Never fret, because we're back to bring you a total of three Big 5's until the world ends this month! Ahem...let's see what's happening in the world of Nintendo...

5. USB Port let's you use PS2 controllers on your Wii U??? 
The heading says it let's you connect up to two DualShock PS2 controllers for use on the Wii U. How would anyone use this is a question no sane mortal can answer. It's is unfortunately (?) only available in Japan at the moment...if that is unfortunate for you.


4. Why HAL is named "HAL". 
In an interview with the dev team that created ZombiU, Iwata dropped the bomb on why HAL Laboratory, the team in charge of Kirby and Smash Bros, is called "HAL" of all things: “We were exactly the same in that sense. Ubisoft was named after Ubiquity because you wanted to be everywhere in the world and HALwas named as such because each letter put us one step ahead of IBM! (Laughs)” So there you have it. Nintendo watched too much Space Odyssey 2001! Take it any way you want but that's pretty hilarious!

3. Nintendo planning massive reconstructure for 2013 - Miyamoto stepping. 
Go to Destructoid for full story. Not only will a major reconstruction plan be in affect next year, but Nintendo legend Miyamoto will be stepping down for more small projects. This may be disappointing to some, but note that Miyamoto hasn;t been directly at the hem of some major projects for some time (Pikmin 3 is an exception). We'll be expecting bigger and greater things from Nintendo in years to come. 

2. Cardboard cut-out Wii U Pads are very popular it seems.
If the crazy bid for a cardboard UPad that reached 10k wasn't ridiculous enough, guess what took it's place when it was taken down: yup, more cardboard UPads! They seem to be pretty popular so...get yours before they're all sold out? Hey, Free Shipping!

1. Final Nintendo Power Issue pays homage to the first issue. 
If you haven't gotten your final NP magazine yet, then here's what it looks like. A nod to the very first issue's clay animation photo taken way back in 1988. The legacy of a great magazine ends. Good bye Nester. Good bye NP editors who made every page turn something special. You were awesome. Thank you for the journey.

And thank you readers for waiting so long for us- ahem, okay me- to return to our weekly special. May we live long and prosperous in the land of Nintendo! See you next week.
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