Friday, January 14, 2011

3D not compulsory for 3DS

Written by pikaby

“Right. It’s compatible with software for previous Nintendo DS systems, which will be viewed in the 2D mode. New game cards, however, will be specific to Nintendo 3DS, but whether they will be in 3D or not is basically up to the maker, just like how much to use the touchscreen was up to developers for Nintendo DS.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

I know some people will be complaining that the whole point of the console will be lost, and it might cause a small loss to some extent especially when it's the main gimmick of the entire console, but to me this actually is a good idea. Remember when Wii/DS first came out? People were stuffing motion and touch controls into everything they could think of even if it wasn't necessary. In the end none of those games worked out and people moved back to making minigame collections anyway.

Even with 3D on, 3DS has much better graphics than the old DS, and it'd be such a waste if all people are going to use it for are for cues and menus to pop out at you, like the one below (Splinter Cell 3D). This just screams 'I just wanted to use the 3D effect for lulz'

Well instead of wasting all that processing power on 3D, that could be channeled into making the visuals twice as good without 3D. With RE: Revelations already looking damn sweet with 3D on, imagine what it would look like had Capcom decided not to 3D-ify the game. Think of the possibilities....

Not to mention anything making use of the 3DS' gyro sensor might not think of 3D as a good idea, as you'll be moving away from the sweet spot all too often.
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