Sunday, January 9, 2011

3DS info trailer

Written by pikaby

A 4 minute long trailer of 3DS info on Minna no NC.
-Shows the console and what it can do, the 3D slider, and the twin cameras.
-3DS Menu looks more well-designed than the simplistic DSi menu
-Mii Studio. Is it just me or are there really 11 PAGES OF HAIRSTYLES NOW??? WANT!...wait, it has Wii compatibility and Tomodachi Collection connection. Guess not then.
-Has some sort of sleep-mode connection similar to the one done by Dragon Quest 9
-AR games require placing a special card of the table to play. Wow...that's technology. Hopefully the detection is better than the god-awful DSi's head-tracking games.
-Tracking of play time and data, much like the Wii
-Two colors, blue and black.
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