Sunday, January 9, 2011

NIntendo 3DS boxart and game box!

Written by pikaby

January 19 inches closer and people are showing off live demos of 3DS games being played. The eight 3DS launch games for Japan have been announced. The hype is building!

The box that contains the 3DS (with the grossly out-of-place grey analog stick on the block 3DS, I mean...seriously) is sleeker and cooler than the old one (Kotaku image)

...while the game boxes use white-colored plastic much like Wii games, instead of black. The 3DS tab has also been relocated to the right side of the box, from the left.



  1. The price of Nintendo 3DS is good but hoping to come at $150 than I would love to buy one.

    1. It looks beautiful on the 3DS screen and is just as much fun to play as it ever was. If you own a 3DS, you need to play this game.

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