Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3DS supports WPA security, game coins, custom soundtracks

From GoNintendo

- 3DS allows for custom game soundtracks via MP3 support, but no titles in the works with this feature

MP3 support, god, finally. I hated converting music files to....whatever format DSi uses to be able to play them that I barely ever used the DSi Sound feature. Even if they don't decide to use custom soundtracks for 3DS games, having MP3 support is a big step up. Albeit quite late.

- The Nintendo eShop, the ability to transfer Nintendo DSiWare games to Nintendo 3DS and the Internet Browser will all be activated via a worldwide system update which is scheduled for late May.

Why the delay? Why not all the features straight from launch? Do you know how badly it would affect sales? You get a lame Japanese launch lineup, and you make the launch product a stripped 3DS with next to no features...who's going to buy the thing until the update? Oh well, Internet Browser for DS sucked anyway.

- The Nintendo 3DS supports WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi security settings

YES PLEASE. Stupid annoying silver locks keeping me from playing Wi-fi games whenever I gone!

- Game Coins: We anticipate Play Coins to be used in a variety of different ways in-game—unlocking bonus content is just one example. Play Coins will not be used in the e-Shop.
Sounds familiar to what Achievements and trophies do- unlock bonus stuff in their respective consoles. Coud be fun, provided I don't have to StreetPass to get coins- I can bet you a million bucks I won't find a single person in my country who will use the feature. Let alone buy a 3DS.

- not discussing voice chat capabilities, but this should be a feature that will be in future games

- Similar to the way Friend Codes work on Wii, once friend codes are exchanged you see your friend listed by the nickname assigned to their system.
Okay. We get it- FC system is now reduced and awesomely done.

- not talking friend messaging at this time
Not like many people ever used the Wii Message Board anyway.
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