Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feature: Nintendo 3DS Greece event

One of our forum members, TheFreakyManga, recently had a chance to attend a 3DS event in The Mall Athens in Greece, and was lucky to get a VIP pass to test the system for a much longer period than the general public (the lucky bastard~). Let's see what he had to say and what he did at the event.


I went to the event and my MIND-IS-BLOWN
There were hot girls tied to the 3DSs and they instructed you how to play the games. I had a VIP card so I was able to play even more games than regular mortals! big_smile.gif

So let's begin with the Augmented reality games! It was really awesome! The 3D effect was much better than I expected. I played the demo with the dragon shown in that japanese trailer. It was really good even though I must have looked like an idiot moving around like that razz.gif

Then I used the 3DS camera. I didn't really expect the photo to be very 3Dish but it turned out really awesome. It also had some cool moving effects and lighting options. The girl who showed this application was extremely excited about it and kept saying "It's awesome, isn't it?" and "Wow your pic is fantastic!" XD

After that I played Nintendogs and Cats. It was pretty much the same as the original. The graphics were nice and all but all you could do in the demo was pet your puppy and play fetch. It also felt pretty weird petting the shadow of your pet on the bottom screen while it was on the upper screen. I wanted to see how taking your pet out for a walk was but oh well.

Then I played Street Fighter 4! The graphics were awesome and the controls were pretty smooth. The characters and the logos were literally popping out of the screen! The thing I really liked about it was the fact that on the touch screen you could touch the combo you wanted to do and the super moves instead of pressing specific buttons in a row. You could still play old-school style but the touch screen combos made the game much more accessible. I'm definitely getting this!

And now let's go to Kid Icarus. This is the game where you could really feel the 3D effect. The graphics were awesome (even better than wii's). As far as gameplay is concerned my feelings are mixed. The part of the demo where you are flying and shooting was very nice and fun. You move Pit with the gyroscope, use the stylus to aim and press the R button to shoot. It's fun and fast paced and this is where you can really admire the 3DS's graphic capabilities and the 3D effect. But when you landed it was... meh. Pit wasn't moving around as fast as he should and turning the camera to the direction you wanted to was difficult and slow.

Then I played the Ocarina of time demo. No surprises here; it's Ocarina of time with better graphics and 3D. The controls were very well put together and using the gyroscope is a blast!

I also played Steel Diver. So you control a submarine or something and you destroy enemy ships. You can zoom in for better precision and dive to avoid enemy projectiles. You shoot torpedoes by tapping a specific button and by moving the 3DS around you change the camera angle. It was kind of fun but it got boring fast.

Lastly I placed Face Raiders. In this game you take a picture of well... a face and then several floating faces appear and you shoot them with tennis balls. Nothing exciting here, it was pretty average.

My overall impression of the 3DS is very good. The 3D effect is very deep and intense, the system is beautiful (especially the aqua blue one) and not too big,the graphics are awesome and most of the games are really good. I'm more hyped than ever!


Well isn't that nice. I mean you can't possibly feel the excitement for 3DS until you actually get to try it...goddamn the innovation hidden from our eyes and 2D laptop monitors. The rest of us can only wait. Oh yeah, he also has a bunch of pictures from the event, though it wasn't of him playing. Let's take a look at them (of course, none of us can see any 3D being shown)

And links to a few videos from the event.

Ocarina of Time 3D
Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
Nintendogs + Cats

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