Monday, February 21, 2011

GameCube desktop organizers

OH THE HORROR! Tearing apart a perfectly fine Gamecube to turn it into a lowly office organizer.....

It's pretty cool actually, and made by GreenCub, and its tagline is 'Office Supplies Made from Recycled Video Game Systems'  Phew. For a moment there I thought live GameCubes were slaughtered.

It stors pencils and pens, paper clips, all sorts of doodads (in the modified controller port area) and even to place your iPhone.

You can actually buy one of these beauties for around 40 dollars, or if you're pro enough you can make your own given that you'll never use your Gamecube ever again. I won't. My Gamecube is one of the remaining few that isn't gathering dust (to heck with Wii backwards compatibility I say).
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