Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dawn of Generation 5!! Zorua and Zoroark!

Written by johnny139

...excuse my over-the-top phrasing, but this warrants it, doesn't it?

That's right, CoroCoro has revealed two brand new Pokemon; the same mysterious shadow from Pokemon Sunday a few days ago.

The pair are Zorua and Zoroark; a two-stage evolution chain. Both are Dark Type Pokemon; Zorua being the Evil Fox Pokemon and Zoroark a Monster Fox Pokemon. They're expected to star in the next Pokemon Movie, previously known as "Phantom Ruler Z;" we now know that the "Z" is short for Zoroark.

More details are expected in next month's CoroCoro.

(Thanks to Bulbapedia for the images.)

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  1. Damn cool! So that's what the Z was for. No Zucario then :P

    Also...who wrote this? johnny?

  2. Nice. Can't wait for the new pokemon. cool new pokemon. :)

    -From GS User 255Utah aka R255metroidfan

  3. In fact, im anticipating for the relevation of Gen V !!!