Monday, February 22, 2010

Generic boss patterns

Written by pikaby

This must be the weirdest observation I've made between two unrelated and different games. It's the way the final boss battles are set up, the both of them seem so similar that I just had to write about it. Which games?
Probable spoilers, so click below to read more.
I'm comparing the final battles of Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland for the DS and No More Heroes 2 for the Wii.

Here's a video for Rosy Rupeeland's final boss, And two videos for No More Heroes 2's final boss.

Tingle's boss is Uncle Rupee, and NMH2's boss is Jasper Batt Jr. First impression of the both of them is, they're rich. The methods in which they acquire wealth is different however.

Both bosses have three forms to fight.

Both first forms involve the actual boss sitting there while having something else attack the player. In Tingle, Uncle Rupee sits on his couch while his cats do all the work for him. Jasper Batt Jr. uses his car and all the gadgets in it to try and kill you.

Both second forms are the bosses with souped-up buff bodies and lots of muscles. For Tingle, Unclee Rupee changes his name to Super Powered Uncle Grand Rupee, or something. Creepy name, and even creepier when you see what he looks like. Jasper Batt Jr. gains a typical superhero workout body and looks like a Batman ripoff. Batman's got nothing on this guy though- he sure has some moves!

Both final forms are the bosses, but ten times larger than before. In Tingle, it was a surprise. After all you did to reach the end of this rupee-centric game, you end up fighting a gigantic green rupee. It is herein a known fact that fighting your own money is a rich man's biggest nightmare. Jasper Batt Jr has his own giant form, and also quite hard.

Both bosses' second forms are harder than the final forms. All the big rupee does is shove its head into you, and all Jasper can do is try to swipe you while you place hard hits on his body(Hit '-' on full Ecstasy gauge, it's easy to get it here).

Both bosses' firs forms are the easiest to beat. Guess I don't have to explain this one, just watch the boss gameplay videos!

See how similar they are? Yep. Weird indeed.
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