Sunday, February 14, 2010

About us

Here's a brief rundown on how we started out and how we came to be here with our intrepid little blog and forum.

Nintendo 5-Star first started out as a Kirby fansite, called Kirby 5-Star. You know, it's Kirby, and he's always associated with stars and the like, and that's how I got its name together. It was in August 2006 that I set up Kirby 5-Star as a 'union'. Unions are GameSpot's version of user groups or clubs, except with a whole section dedicated for articles and a forum to boot, all for free.

About 3 and a half years into running Kirby 5-Star, our moderator, toadster101, was banned from the site. If you want to know more about the ban you can ask him. I'm not responsible for it *wink*. Anyway, because of this we had to move out of Gamespot to keep in touch with him. At the same time Kirby 5-Star wasn't doing so well and we decided to expand our operations outside Gamespot.

Destiny Guy set us into a Sparklit hosted forum, which we also named Kirby 5-Star. Therefore the legacy of us as a Kirby fan site continued here. But development of Kirby games grinded to a halt after the release of Kirby Super Star Ultra for the DS, with the long-rumored Kirby Wii nowhere near release, and Kirby fan sites all over the internet were running dry. We were also hard hit and activity was near zero. Think of it like The Great Depression of gaming. Nothing new, nothing to discuss, everyone dead.

So we moved again, on September 2009, to our current forum on InvisionFree, and widened our focus to all things Nintendo and not just the pink puffball. And our current name, Nintendo 5-Star was born.

To head over to our forums, click here! We're looking for members and we hope you can join in as one of us!


  1. im getting pokemon soul silver do you have a page for it?

  2. Two of us have the Japanese copy of the game. Depending on what you want to know I should be able to write about :)
    There is a page covering two new routes in Johto in Soul Silver, you might want to check that out.

  3. good for knowledge here 3ds card?

  4. Can you have Affiliates?

  5. Sure, what's your blog?

  6. Its not mine but one I write for, its, but my freind (the owner) has gone a bit crazy so he posts about his life, and how he wants to kill himself, but hope its okay!

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  9. So no more Kirby ;_; Oh well, more Nintendo, more better!

    Also, while I can't say I'm interested in Taiko, I do like the design of your Taiko Time site ^^