Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bit.Trip Saga

This is box-art for the upcoming Bit.Trip Saga coming to the 3DS, the saga was originally on Wii Ware. The first game (Bit.Trip beat) was a huge hit, leading to further sucess with the other 5 games. The original developer (Gaijin Games) is allowing Aksys games to publish the Saga. If your unfamiliar with the games its a 6 part, pixelated series with a wide range of game types, the 3DS game is said to be coming out sometime in summer this year.


  1. My first post! Hope you like it.

  2.  Wow, you're being eager :D Just keep it up~
    I couldn't cover introducing BT Saga on the blog because I had exams. There's a topic about it on the forum if you're willing to dig through at least three pages in the Nintendo board.

  3. It's not the final coverart, it's just a place holder.