Friday, May 27, 2011

Phoenix Wright: The Movie

Image from Capcom-Unity

And no you're not hearing things, this is for real. Finger-pointing has made its way from in-game sprites to friggin live-action! Fans of Phoenix Wright can probably guess what the story will revolve around- lots of evidence collecting, courtroom battles, over-the-top prosecutors and witnesses and of course, the iconic 'Objection!'

Hiroki Narimiya stars as Phoenix Wright, Takumi Saito takes the role of Miles Edgeworth, his rival, and Maya Fey, Phoenix's assistant by Mirei Kiritani. The movie is set to air on Spring 2012 in Japan.

Here's hoping it captures the essence of the game series well, because that is indeed a very difficult thing to achieve in a live-action movie!


  1. OBJECTION!!!! Looks great exept that freaky guy...

  2. A movie? Not a good idea.