Friday, May 27, 2011

My small collection of Shiny Pokemon

Brought over from my other blog at Gamespot.


A hacker would be able to come up with this number of shinies, and easily ten times more, in just an instant. I've never even caught one shiny Pokemon with my own hands or tried to breed one before (cross-breeding Pokemon of different regions apparently gives you a higher probability of getting a shiny- look up the Masuda Method if you don't know), but I've had a few people hack a few for me, and traded for the rest over Wi-Fi.

If I didn't say anything you'd all just call me a dirty cheater and just using the shinies to show off, but I'm not that kind of person, if I really wanted to hack a Pokemon I wouldn't stop at just the shiny, I'd do stats, nature, ability and EVs, which I don't. This also means that if you guys find me in battle and I have a shiny on my team, it's just for the sake of aesthetics, and it doesn't have any tactical advantage over the regular colored Pokemon. To me, a shiny Pokemon shows how much of a fan of a particular species of Pokemon you are and you're willing to go out of your way (very, very far out) to go find and get it, whether it belongs to you or not. It's not about getting the bragging rights.

Although I just said that the shiny Pokemon I usually want to find are those of my favorite Pokemon, I don't turn down other shinies either- they're damn rare to begin with and that's the usual purpose of wanting to collect them. The ones I requested to be hacked are the Pokemon which I love the most, you'll see in a bit, and the remaining ones of other Pokemon I have are gotten online off Wi-Fi trades and GTS.

Finding one on GTS is no easy business either. Although finding a shiny on GTS is actually simpler than it looks, most of them want illegal and absurd Pokemon in return, like a Reshiram below level 9 or any other evolved Pokemon below level 9, which are untradeable even if you do own them. I tried hacking one myself (a level 1 Boldore in exchange for a shiny Shaymin on GTS) just to try it out and it didn't work. It won't let me beam Boldore to the other end. And the ones that do involve legit Pokemon are usually traded over in ten seconds before you have the chance to. If you don't have the Pokemon the other party wants on hand and you want to disconnect so you can go get it, forget it, it'll be gone by the time you come back online. I was lucky enough to grab a few

I keep all my shiny Pokemon in a box behind where my legendaries are (picture on top)

Ignore the two Pokemon on the bottom right, the rest are shinies. Of those few I have, these are hacked by my own request: Togekiss, Chikorita, Cherrim, Jumpluff, Jirachi, Manaphy, Phione, Celebi and the other hacked one form online is Registeel. The rest of them are most probably legit. Hey, why don't I just pick a few out of these to say something about them?

We all know where this one comes from. The easiest shiny to catch. Ever. This red Gyarados comes from my JP Soul Silver, nothing really special about it. I haven't even trained it yet! I know some people who do that because Gyarados is supposed to be a really strong Pokemon....unless you factor in competitive play.

My beloved Togekiss, which I had my cousin hack and trade to me. It has a Timid nature and Serene Grace...not hacked, I swear! He set all wild Pokemon to shiny Togekiss on his game and I handled the rest, catching Togekiss after Togekiss till I found the one with the nature and ability I wanted. Then I EVed the thing manually. See? Just hacking for aesthetics. Oh yeah it's also caught in a Cherish Ball. That part was again hacked for looks. I really cherish Togekiss~

Tepig and Archen shinies, gotten off GTS. And the best part is, I didn't ask for either of them! All I did was put up Oshawott and Tirtouga for trade on GTS, requesting for these two so I could train them, and I got shinies in return! Someone must be feeling generous~ I don't think they were hacked either- although the levels may not show like they're legit, I got both of them at Lv1, meaning they were bred from eggs (Masuda Method). The only reason why they're higher was because I left them at the Daycare to breed regular-colored versions.

This Budew here was given to me by a good friend of mine over at Nintendo 5-Star, Asiankid. If you're reading this, just know that I've been taking really good care of it and traded it over from Soul Silver to White and it's still in my collection! This Budew is totally legit, Asiankid found this in a patch of grass and caught it- the lucky fellow. He nicknamed it Totoru. It brings back memories

Cherubi, Pikachu and Rayquaza (look at that black!), all of my lucky trades from GTS (not the only ones though, Regirock and Gible are also from GTS). I ran into Ray by accident but I was intending to search for Cherubi and Pikachu. Cherubi comes from Sinnoh where the breeding level is 5 instead of 1, so it's still possibly legit by Masuda Method. Pikachu, probably hacked, unless you guys can think of places where there are wild Pikachu at around Lv10 to 15 in Gen 3/4. Rayquaza comes from Hoenn and is at Level 70, caught in a Master Ball. Might be hacked, but remember what Ray's level was in Ruby/Sapphire, and if you reset and restarted the game a billion times just to get the shiny, you wouldn't want to catch it in anything other than a Master Ball, right? Don't want it to accidentally faint after so much effort.

An Azurill shiny named WDrop I got back in Gen 4 GTS. Honestly I really don't know about this one despite owning it for so long- but it doesn't matter because I love Azurills- they're adorable. Aw, don't look so sad, you're still being loved by me~

And finally, the shiny Manaphy I had my cousin hack for me together with my other favorite Pokemon. I already own quite a few other Manaphy- as many as I have Pokemon Ranger games, probably more, so I was looking like hell for a shiny version, and even though getting it hacked lacks the sense of achievement I get when I find it online for a steal, it's something I keep to this day. Not much difference in the color though- it's a lighter shade of Manaphy blue.

So, I'll be continuing to expand my collection of my favorite Pokemon in shiny version. Wish me luck! Or, do anyone of you have a shiny Reuniclus to spare?


  1. Tut Tut Tut... Hacking, really , that defeats the fun of catching Pokemon and looking for shineys, plus you'll become a better player if you do it 'properly'

  2. Tut Tut Tut... Hacking, really , that defeats the fun of catching Pokemon and looking for shineys, plus you'll become a better player if you do it 'properly'

  3. Looking for shinies by myself without the luck factor is, IMO, not worth the effort. I'd rather spend the time training and EVing a good team by my own hand, and the time spent training would probably still be shorter than the time it takes for me to get one shiny :P

  4. Oh...i'm realy sad...I trade all my pokemons with some silly hacked shiny...It's so cute to have a pokemon with memories...I WANT MY POKEMON BACK!