Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guess I do owe this blog some favors eh?

It's been a month since I've really posted anything on Nintendo 5-Star blog and to be honest I feel kinda guilty for leaving it alone after less than a year, but you know how bad real life duties and responsibilities can get. The only place that has been really happening in N5S are the forums, as anyone who's joined can tell you.

It's also the beginning (and end) of a slow news month, so probably I can pick up the pace sometime in June after E3 is over and the news starts pouring in. Hopefully we get to see some killer 3DS games and some word on Project Cafe.

As for N5S itself, well, the annual SummerCon event is beginning at our forums and this year it's going to be big, so join in and have some fun online when you're not being anywhere else! Also, I'll replace the buttons on the side with links to news stories that aren't obsolete (although the Pokemon button will remain relevant until the end of time).

Enjoy N5S, cause I'm coming back for now~



  1. I love your blog! It's great, what is SummerCon (I'm new to the forums) And I know what you mean, perhaps you could do more reviews or get more people to post on you blog. Anyway lovin' the blog!

  2. It's an annual forum party that lasts 3 months from June to August. During this time the mods will prepare events and activities open to all participation.