Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wii Play Motion first trailer

What to say about this collection of minigames this time...Even though it's probably the last thing you'll ever want to see, remember where this game stems from- a million seller tech demo with tons of room for improvement, made by Nintendo and not by Wii shovelware king Ubisoft. And it still features Miis! Better looking ones at that- almost every aspect of the original Wii Play has been graphically enhanced (well, enhanced by Wii standards anyway), which is most apparent in some of the returning favorites like the shooting game and a new variant of Pose Mii. And all the games use Motion+ too. WPM is the original game's long-awaited answer to the highly acclaimed Wii Sports Resort.

You know, I'd actually dig some more Find Mii. I love that game.


  1.  Yay, I get to shoot down more UFO's! Look's amazing, but I sorta think It's just a waste of a good game, with Project Cafe said to come out in 2012.

  2. AdamDJS   I also heard about the project Cafe, and it quite interesting. I hope this is something real.