Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E3 2011 Showfloor- Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo's latest handheld, finally getting a strong showing with new footage and gameplay of most of last year's announced titles that haven't already been released. No new games were actually announced save for Luigi's Mansion 2, but Nintendo already have enough on their plate as it stands.

Metal Gear Solid 3DS. Thank god no one forgot about it, though it doesn't look like it'll be released anytime soon. Watch for bonus Yoshi!

Hey, didn't know Paper Mario got a trailer as well. Finally shows some real gameplay, though the paper effect is less impressive than that of Super Paper Mario on Wii...but who am I to compare a handheld to a console?

Mario Kart 3DS with added things like customizable karts, underwater stages and gliders. For some reason a lot of classic tracks are shown here. Veterans of Mario Kart Wii and DS should pick them out easily.

Animal Crossing 3DS, which again, everyone thought was a no-show at E3, also has a new trailer. Aside from being generally better-looking than Wild World, you can now hang furniture on walls (saving space in the process), and swim in the water. Looks like the exact same gameplay to me, though there probably are even more things we don't know about AC3DS yet.

One more trailer for Kid Icarus: Uprising. Hopefully this is close to launch, being the very first 3DS game to be shown and all

Super Mario 3DS' first gameplay trailer, which looks bright and colorful. Whether it achieves Galaxy-like success and imaginative level is another issue, but enjoy the footage! Also, return of the Tanooki Suit!

E3 surprise Luigi's Mansion 2, a follow-up to the Gamecube original all the way back in 2001.
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