Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E3 2011 Showfloor- Nintendo Wii U

The announcement trailer for Wii U, seen in the press conference, complete with motion control and screen interactivity tricks. It's hard to explain, just watch the trailer and you'll understand better how the controller's screen works with the TV. The games being played are Nintendo's own tech demos and not actual games.

The controller has symmetrical four-button setup and dual analog sticks. Not nubs, real sticks. It has speakers like the Wiimote, a gyrosensor, and an in-built camera. Rechargeable batteries are used in favor of AAs. The detailed console specs are still unknown, only a general overview was given. However we do already know Nintendo is going hi-definition with this one, supporting full 1080p output...finally! I'm not a graphics whore, but having the option is nice. And it also means 3rd parties will develop games for it without complaining about graphical limitations!

There were tech demos and a few minigames on show to allow people to get to grips with the new controller and see what games would look like, which Reggie called the 'Wii U experiences' in the press conference. The graphics demos were also here and could be interacted with, meaning they are not pre-rendered cutscenes but represent what gameplay footage would look like on Wii U, which is amazing.

Graphic Demo 1 (bird and trees)
Graphic Demo 2 (Zelda HD)
Chase Mii (to show usage of controller screen as a second screen, much like DS)
New Super Mario Bros. Mii (to show basic button controls, controller duplicating as TV screen)
Shield Pose (to show how the controller's screen matches up with the TV)
Battle Mii (to show controller's gyrosensor and controlling two things at once)
Measure Up (to show controller's pressure-sensitive touchscreen)

List of announced Wii U 3rd party games (in the order they appear in the trailer below). The footage shown are of the PS3/X360 versions (ironically) of the games and do not represent Wii U graphics.

Other announced titles from the roundtable or through statements:
Smash Bros 4 (together with 3DS version)

Expect to see Wii U sometime in late 2012 after Wii has exhausted its last legs.
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