Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wii sales collapse after Wii U announcement

The moment Nintendo's brand new shining star was revealed to the world, Japan dropped whatever remained of Wii sales like a bowling ball, bringing it down to just under 7500 units last week and ranking it 4th overall in hardware sales.

Depending on how you see it this could be a good or bad thing. People in Japan must be getting excited for the new tech and are putting the old console down to save up for it- the backwards compatibility is helping to accelerate the process. Or you might say the market for Wii is saturated, which has been the case for the whole of last year already.

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  1. ahm , the Wii totally lack games, or rather.. same kind of games always, if i wanted to workout i would rather run outside or do workouts at home , anywho, hope the WiiU is good