Thursday, June 2, 2011

Multiple trailers for 3DSWare and Virtual Console

Beofre I get to that though, the US and European 3DS eShop will only feature one original title from the beginning, that is Pokedex 3D (unless you want to count the limited time freebie Excitebike 3D, which is basically the old NES game updated with 3D frippery). The remaining three are Virtual Console games, Super Mario Land, Alleyway and Tennis. These are Game Boy games that can either be viewed in black-and-white, or the original display of gray/green for nostalgic purposes. And of course, no 3D graphics here!

Hey, I remember this game. Good times.

Excitebike. Just like the NES game, but with 3D! Shame we can't see it from here.

Oh god, this thing. Where the ? boxes and coins are tiny small and the Goombas are little walking triangles with no faces on them. Still, classic.

3D Xevious, only for Japan eShop at launch. No word on a US release yet.
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