Thursday, June 30, 2011

Operation Rainfall denied!

A week ago, a massive operation was started by North American Nintendo fans, clamoring for the localization of Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower, all of which have been released in Japan and Xenoblade going to Europe. Pre-orders were placed on Amazon for an imaginary copy of Xenoblade (called Monado in US), and Nintendo's Facebook page, email inboxes, and Youtube profile were plastered with comments by eager Nintendo fans. Of course that sort of thing would gain attention. and this was Nintendo's reply to everyone's enthusiasm.

It's not a resounding 'no', but we're all pretty sure those three games will never be localized anyway. Which doesn't make any sense- effort has already been made to translate Xenoblade into English and they're not releasing it for US Wiis? What's keeping them from doing so? All three are quality games, why keep your fans from being able to play it? Region locking your consoles only adds fuel to the fire. Oh, but Skyward Sword and Kirby are coming out? Not enough Nintendo, considering the timeframe between now and the release of the Wii U, not nearly enough. Mario Party 9 and Wii Play Motion? Which serious gamers are going to buy those jokes for games now, five years after the initial hype?

Now the same people are mass-posting comments of protest all over Nintendo's Facebook, and a lot of threatened boycott. Way to treat your loyal fanbase, Nintendo. You were never great at listening to the gamers' voices but this is just unacceptable. My faith in humanity has dropped.
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