Friday, June 17, 2011

Super Pokemon Scramble screenshots and trailer

This is from the official site's main page. If you view it there and mouse over this picture you can see it move too. Nice 3D effect! Release date confirmed too- Scramble will be out in Japan for 3DS on July 28th this year!

Official trailer for the game. Not the most exciting one though, I expected a lot more flash from a game like this. Shows Battle Royale, some sort of showdown between two groups of toys, and a boss battle with Zekrom. Same deal as WiiWare then.

Gen 5 Pokemon aren't the the only species to be on Super Pokemon Scramble- it would be otherwise limited and boring. Shown here is a Lumineon.

The charge battle! Looks like rapid button pressing.

Miis are now official. They're the owners of the Pokemon toys you control.

Boss battle with Zekrom, equally as chibified as everyone else.

Battle Royale, the Smash Bros.-like main attraction of the game where you're dumped into a closed arena and beat the crap out of everything till a clear winner is announced.


  1. I watch the trailer and screen shot of Super Pokemon scramble. In its trailer i watch some new Pokemon and the different fights. To watch this video i really exited to play this game.