Monday, June 13, 2011

Legendary Wars and Plants vs. Zombies Updates

Hello there all, DG is here again to talk about two popular mobile games which have both just received huge updates.

I'll only touch on Legendary Wars for a second, because I'm going to give this game the spotlight in my next article. Suffice to say, this game is pretty great. It's just received a huge update, but my app store is behaving rather oddly so I can't comment on it beyond how great it sounds. If you're a mobile gamer, I recommend you look into this title.

(This is a PC screenshot, but you get the idea!)

The other game to recently receive a noteworthy update is Plants vs. Zombies. Yes, everyone knows about this game, but this is worth talking about, and here's why. On your iPod or iPhone is THE way to play this game. For one thing, it is much cheaper than it is on the PC, only $3 compared to $20, and that deal is as good as it sounds because the recent update added basically everything the PC version has that the mobile version didn't. The recent update introduced the last feature supported by the PC version and not the mobile version, which is the Zen Garden, a passive minigame where you take care of plants and get money for it. The update also added a lot of fun new minigames, which you must purchase from Crazy Dave's shop. Did I mention Dave's shop has two new pages of things to buy, one each for new minigames and the zen garden? It does. These, along with a bunch of new achievements, give PvZ a lot of new replay value, so if you haven't got it yet, you have absolutely no reason to wait any longer, and if you already have PvZ, a lot of new gameplay is available to you.
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