Sunday, April 25, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - April 25, 2010

Written by pikaby

Huh...wha? It's Sunday again? Guess it's time for another Flipnote feature! Which ones will I be showing today?

The first flipnote on today's feature is a continuation of the current Flipnote Hatena trend, using the Stop button to your advantage to create simple games for the site. The best one out of these is an exact replica of the 'Gold Digger' microgame from WarioWare. If you stop while the finger is in the nostril, you win! Music is recorded entirely from Warioware Touched, and a smashing job done on it. Very creative use of the flipnote minigame fad, and doesn't involve you giving stars to the creator when you lose the game! *although I know you can cheat and not give any stars at all, oh come on, you know it's entirely optional *wink*

It's also made by Jessica, creator of 'This Guy'.

Again, games like these don't really work well when you're viewing on a PC, but here's the link to it.

And DSi users can go for the command code: A X A R A L X up Y right

Next one!

Meme lovers know this one. It's Dr. Octagonapus, recreated lovingly on the DSi, with the trademark scenes of unremarkable, normal happenings before the Doctor shows up and LAZERS everyone on screen to oblivion. With Flipnote Studio, new scenes not done before on Youtube found their way here, and they're pretty darn funny too. Don't even try to count how many colored stars this one got. It's a lot. Not OVER 9000!!!

Created by Darkmario. PC viewers click this link:

And the command code for DSi is: R down down down left left down B right B

The last one for the day is also vaguely meme-related

You know the sample flipnotes Nintendo packs in with every copy of Flipnote Studio? Three of them can be freely edited, and the one with the man running into another gets the most spin-offs. This one, which explains the finer details of making flipnotes like the Advanced Tools and using the '?' Brush tool, not so much. I'd been hoping to find a spin-off of this someday. Finally!

This one is created by sacuL (Lucas backwards, see what he did there?)

PC users, click this link for the flipnote:

And DSi users have this command code for it: Down up right left down B R left A X

Well, that's all for this week folks. See you on the next frame!
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