Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tomodachi Collection is TV-bound

Written by pikaby

The Japanese are borderline-obsessed with Tomodachi Collection, the DS Mii-raising game. This just seals it.

After a solid year and more than 3 million copies sold, Tomodachi Collection is now being made into a TV show for Japan! One part obsession, one part holy crap. Never saw this coming. How on earth would a game about babysitting Miis be made into a TV show?

Apparently the Japanese know how. Calling it 'Koi no Kaitou: Tomokore 2-se' or 'Answer to Love: Tomodachi Collection 2nd Gen', it starts airing on May 5 starring Japanese celebrities around a table talking about their Miis. Okay I still don't know how substantial this show is going to be. It may just be a pointless celebrity talk show with Miis slapped onto them. But if the Japanese like it, then who am I to comment?

It's a great game though, I just can't imagine it being on TV. Big shocker for me, ha.....
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