Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 5 Nintendo-related.....cakes!

Written by pikaby

Well, in the wake of a complete lack of gaming news....what's a blogger to do? Eat cake, of course. Intricate, shaped-like-a-NES cake or your money back. None of these cakes are actually mine, natch, and I do wonder what they taste like. It's definitely chocolate underneath all that cream. It's the only good flavor in the world(well, according to pikaby's taste buds)

NES cake...heh? Eric? One of our member's names is Eric. Wonder if this cake belongs to him?

Oh look, someone's just won a game of darts on Clubhouse Games and decided to record his feat by making a cake of it. Okay maybe not. Speaking of which, cake version has a low battery light. Recharging it would probably result in cake all over everyone's face when it explodes.

How many times have people used Level 1-1 on everything? This cake is an old photo, and obviously a wedding cake, but I'd be darned if it wasn't well made.

Hurray for Good Egg Galaxy(Mario Galaxy stage 1)! Wonder which parts of this master piece is actual cake? That capsule planet looks inedible, but open it and that's probably cake inside.

This Zelda Wind Waker cake was actually made by someone from deviantart(well there's something you don't normally see on that site every day) who unsurprisingly also operates a cake shop or something. Infinitely more adorable than this Zelda+Tetra cake, and just as likely to make anyone who sees it hesitant to eat it.

Wait, what about the other Nintendo mascots? Well, Pikachu's so widespread that no one's bothered to make a professional looking cake out of the yellow rat. By 'widespead' I mean lots of average-looking ones and not many good ones around. And Kirby? Well.....

The cake you'll never want to eat. I'd rather eat off half of that NES cake that touch this Kirby cake. I bet ya already know why. *looks at Kirby cake*...Heck yeah I KNEW at least one of these cakes was chocolate. What'd I tell ya?

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