Monday, April 26, 2010

Nintendo 5-Star's Warioware DIY Microgames!

Written by pikaby

Two to three of our staff have the game now! And the one with the power to record off the DS has done so with two of his wonderful creations!

CRAZ1ah, our microgame-addled mod who owns both a copy of Warioware DIY and a videocam(shame nearly the rest of us don't, it would've been so much easier working if we all did), has done us the favor of sharing his microgames on Youtube. Don't get how great they are? Well, the games do feature a lot of poking fun at ourselves. Come check them out.

First game: Sinners

No, no one on the site broke the Ten Commandments(I'd have them fired if they did.... just kidding), this is one of our inside jokes where CRAZ1ah poses as the holy lord and burns people to heel just by looking at them (typo intended). Eight of our active forum members, himself and me included. All you have to pick one to barbecue! Go ahead and burn Pokefreak (PF) every time he shows up.

Second game: CRAZmail

CRAZ1ah plays postman and delivers mail right to your doorstep, and the odd legless giraffe infected with AIDS to Destiny Guy. Another case where one would have to understand Nintendo 5-Star in and out to get a really good laugh out of.

Want in on the fun? Don't be left out- come share your microgames, friend codes and videos here! Of course, you'd need to sign up for the forums, but really, who's ever been killed by a forum registration form before?
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