Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wii Migration Connection Kit

Written by pikaby

The what? Can't they get enough of things to attach to your Wii? Not as weird as the WiiHelm, and it's official, but still.

It sounds like some sort of contraption to package and migrate your Wii to the nearest bomb shelter in case of an oncoming apocalyse, but it's not. It's a pack containing, among other things, the AV cables, AC adapter, and a sensor bar so you can move your Wii from one room to another without removing the cables from the room.

I don't know about you, but this is the wrongest 'accessory kit' I've ever seen. Selling everything that comes in the box with a Wii......without a Wii. Could be convenient for certain niche groups, but not more than that. It's just cables! Why the need to release things like this?


  1. It's actually pretty convienient. Seeing as my parents are separated, I travel back and fourth a lot. Having this woul eliminate the need for my dad to buy a Wii and to copy all my game data over.

    In short, DO WANT.


  2. Well, like I said, for certain niche groups.