Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Top 5 Wii-makes

Written by pikaby

2009 might as well be called the year of the Wii-make. Wii has surprisingly been the target of people wishing to remake their games with the new waggle technology, though few Wii-makes ended up actually using any motion controls. Here's the best five of them.

1.  Klonoa

Previously Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, on the PlayStation1. No groundbreaking control rules implemented in this remake, it's all done with the Wiimote by its side on your lap...but I guess the reason for this was because not enough people enjoyed the PS1 original. Being a PS1 game, the graphics received a huge, huge upgrade from blocky 3D textures to clean, fluid cel-shades and greater detail in all the environments. Shame they couldn't do the same for the game's length. In the PS1 era this would be considered a normal length, in this generation it's too short. And no, being able to play all the stages in reverse and with a time challenge does nothing to add to replayability. Those of all things should be buried in the ground and burned. Still a great way to spend around 6 hours- pick this up. Klonoa is one of the best lead characters you'll meet in a while.

2. New Play Control! Pikmin

One of Nintendo's lineup in attempts to make it's new expanded audience experience some of its greatest treasures from the last 10 years onwards, only this time with...guess what, motion control. Pikmin got the better end of it, with slightly rejigged graphics, a pointer on the screen which is infinitely more accessible than using an analog stick to call Pikmin, and being able to reverse the days if you screwed up instead of going through the whole thing, dying and then restarting all over again. Slightly more forgiving, but same hopeful yet lonely vibe from the story. Pikmin is a wonder, if you haven't bought the Gamecube version, you have to pick this up. Even anti-RTS players should be pleased with it. I know I am.

3. Punch-Out!!

Odd choice of a title to put on the Wii, and to be honest I wasn't very keen to play it at first. But then the game threw so many different fighting strategies and crazy fighters I caved in. Better effort than I ever thought it could be. The graphics are cel-shaded and work very well, a huge step-up from the pixely stuff on NES, the enemies you encounter are memorable and each have to be defeated in their own manner. There will be no mindlessly flailing the Wiimote hoping one of your hits will bash into the opponents skull, no. It's all about the dodge and counter, baby. And once you finish the game, there's also a surprise opponent.....but you guys should already know that if you've played it before.


Okami gets another mention. Technically you could consider this as being a simple port, since virtually nothing has changed about it from the move to Wii from it's original home on PlayStation2. But then all the brush strokes are motion enabled, and so are your attacks. These motion controls weren't shoehorned in, they felt like the perfect match for the Wii. Even before the game was announced for Wii there were already people clamoring for pointer-drawn Celestial Brush techniques.

5. A Boy and his Blob

More proof to keep a keen eye out for WayForward, as they've reimagined what was a frustrating exercise on the NES to a beautiful, hand-drawn and soul-soothing puzzler for Wii. Wii is home to some amazing, stylish graphics and quirky games if you're inclined to dig deeper through all the Wii Fits and Sports games....It's cutesy blob mascot could be all that takes to make you buy on impulse, and the puzzles, which aren't too easy, and don't build up to be too hard, will lead you all the way to the end.

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