Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good old DS gets more Kirby, Pokemon love

Written by pikaby

Along come the two bright, cheery and cute faces of Nintendo to light up the DS in 2011 when everyone else has graduated to its successor. One final hurrah for the dual-screened console!

Kirby will be starring in his 4th DS outing, which is a platformer as usual. Outside of the video montage and a few shots, nothing much is known about this except there are like, a billion Kirbys on-screen at any one time. What the heck's happened in Dream Land this time? Also, more cuteness overload. You simply can't get enough of his round, pink, charming face.

As for Pokemon, it's getting a game similar to Typing of the Dead- you type out words to capture Pokemon. And, it comes packed in with a DS-compatible wireless keyboard! Are they serious about getting kids to learn how to type? I hope it won't be that shallow because people like me want to play it too! Or, maybe not. Maybe I'll get the game without the keyboard just for the heck of it. It's rare to find a 3D handheld Pokemon game. Being the Pokemon freak I am, even novelty games interest me.

The touch screen can also be used as a makeshift keyboard, but how that will work out is beyond me, as the screen can only take one input at a time, and finger presses don't register well. Who knows?

Both are slated for 2011.


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  2. good ds, i have one and one r4 sdhc

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