Sunday, September 19, 2010

Storage in Pokemon Black/White

Written by pikaby

You can count me as one of the people who was shocked by Pokemon B/W only having 8 storage boxes in the PC. Each box holds 30 Pokemon, which brings the total to about 240. Hey, but that's too little! What about everything that isn't in the Isshu Dex? Surely there should be more space to put those in?

Quite worrying, right? But it's enough to stuff in everything you can catch in the Isshu Dex. For everything else (as found out by Japanese players and boffins from esteemed Pokemon fansites Serebii and Pokebeach), extra boxes are indeed unlocked when the game is completed. More than you could ever want, in fact. In the end, you're left with 24, yes, twenty four, boxes to store your Pokemon. That's a whopping 720 monsters in your PC! Hope you've got enough Pokeballs!

Too bad this isn't compatible with the ages-old Pokemon storage utility Pokemon Ranch...there should be a new, 5th gen version of it so crazy nutheads who catch way more than they should have even more space to dump their Pokemon.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, it really helped :D

  2. I think this game is seriously perfect, buuut.....

    The PC storage system pisses me off for 3 reasons:
    1). The cursor. No longer can I have a pokemon held by the cursor, move over another pokemon and switch the two of them. It just places the held pokemon down.
    2). No longer can I select multiple pokemon at the same time. This is a real pain when I want to move entire boxes of pokemon at once.
    3). The other is the box naming system. The fact your are limited to what you can name it. But this is minute compared to the above reason.

    Maybe there is some way to do #1 & 2 above? Am I missing something?

    I think the PC storage system in the Gen 3 games (specifically FireRed/LeafGreen) was perfect!

    For all that has changed with these new games, this is about the only thing I've found that bothers me (so far). I also thought Gen 4 games sucked, overall, when compared to Gen 3 and especially Gen 5.

  3. 1) That was HG/SS' downfall, but now the cursor is totally replaced by the function of the touch screen. Much easier.
    2) That's one thing you can't do when you don't have a cursor, I admit. You can't click and drag or anything like that. At least you can see and scroll the entire box list easily.

  4. Not enough space at all even with 720.