Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- September CoroCoro leaked!

Written by pikaby

More scans, more new Pokemon! And I mean a lot more. Check them out!

Ignoring the other scans which contain information about the game's characters and villains (which I'll cover in a separate posting), here are the scans that show official art of new Pokemon. Some of them we've seen before in screenshots but never up close, others are being shown to the public for the first time.

Scan 1- On the left are Reshiram and Zekrom's signature moves (as seen in the recent TV ads), Cross Flame and Cross Thunder respectively. Interestingly when one of these Pokemon is hit by the other's signature move, its own signature becomes more powerful. This effect won't be seeing much use as the two won't have many chances to meet each other in battle (both Reshiram and Zekrom are type-resistant to their counterparts' signature moves)

Then comes the new Pokemon, the second stage evolutions of Isshu's beloved starter-mon.
Tsutaaja evolves into Jyanobii. Retains pure Grass type.
Pokabu evolves into Chaobuu. Turns into Fire/Fighting hybrid (they brought back Blaziken!)
Mijumaru evolves into Futachimaru. Still a pure Water-type.

Scan 2-The Yanappu trio revealed in full- Yanappu is the grass-type, Baoppu is the Fire type and Hiyappu is the Water-type. All three are used by Sanyou City's gym leader trio (which is in the next scan)

Then, official confirmation of Emonga, the Pikachu of Gen 5.

Scan 3- Depending on which starter you choose, you'll fight one of the Gym Leader trio in the first gym, Dento for Grass, Poddo for Fire and Kon for Water. The leader you face will always have a type-advantage to your starter. There goes arguing about which starter will perform the best in the first Gym, because now no matter which starter you prefer, you're always screwed in the first Gym.

Scan 4- Basurao is the green fish on the top-left. Pure Water type, two forms. How it switches between the two is not known.
Yorterrie, right below Basurao, a puppy Pokemon. Normal type.
Choroneko, the cat below Yorterrie. Dark type.

Four enigma Pokemon which have never been given confirmation up to now have finally been revealed. Desukaan, the coffin Pokemon. Ghost type.
Ononokusu, right below the coffin. Dragon type.
Doryuuzu, evolved from Moguryuu, and gains a Steel type in addition to Ground. The final stage evo of Moguryuu.
Denchura, the electric spider. Bug/Electric. Nice type combination.

Scan 5- Buffalon, the afro-hair bull on the top left. Normal type.
Dangoro, the small rock next to Buffalon. Rock type. Final evo is Gigiasu.
Mebukijika, evolved form of Shikijika, the Deer Pokemon. Also has different forms based on the seasons, except the changes are reflected on its giant antlers. Nice!
Tabunne, the cute pink thing on the top-right. Normal type.
Monmen, the cotton-like cloud Pokemon. Grass type.
Churine, the other Grass type Pokemon below Monmen. Cute!
Tamagetake.....Haven't we got enough Grass Pokemon already? It's actually a Grass/Poison hybrid. And it's got a Pokeball as its head. Holy cow.

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