Monday, September 27, 2010

Wii Remote Plus?

Written by pikaby

Image from Kotaku.

FlingSmash, the subtly cute Nintendo ball-smashing Wii game, is coming out by the end of this year, and according to Gamestop, will be packaged in a bundle with something called the 'Wii Remote Plus'. That looks like a normal old black Wiimote to me. And also, FlingSmash can't be played without the usage of Wii Motion Plus. All this points to one thing- a regular Wiimote with a built-in Motion Plus.

Before you once again take your pitchforks to Nintendo and ask why they never did this in the first place, remember this is all technological progress taking place. Motion Plus, two years ago, couldn't be integrated into the Wiimote without being big and bulky. Thus it took them long enough to come up with this, albeit a bit too late for people to really make full use of it.

I'm going to appreciate a built-in Motion Plus very, very much, since this means no more contending with the stupid Wiimote jacket that you're forced to put on every time you strap Motion Plus on, and no more struggling with connecting and re-synching Motion Plus every. Five. Minutes. because it keeps on disconnecting itself from the Wiimote when it's obviously still stuck tightly to it. ARGH.

Now, what would happen if I attached ANOTHER Wii Motion Plus to the end of this one...?
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