Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- (Rumored) Starter Evolutions

Written by pikaby

Revelaed on 2chan days ago but I didn't want to post them up here- it was just a rumor after all. But here they are anyway,in their full glory. God knows where these pictures were taken.

Tsutaaja line

 Pokabu line

Mijumaru line

Shocking, right? You'll WANT to think these are fake because man, do they look ugly on the first glance. But stare at them for five more seconds and the designs start to click. Not bad now, right? Tsutaaja's final looks like a graceful king snake, Pokabu's looks Rhyperior-level tough, and Mijumaru's final imitates Swampert's look. It being down on all fours isn't impossible, there is a species of otter which gets down on all fours too. Giant otters do that (thanks Pokebeach!)

Anyway, if you thought those were fake, think back to the anime character sheet. Remember Mijumaru and Tsutaaja's second level evolutions on there? Yep, they're here.
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