Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ninokuni First Japanese commercials

Written by pikaby


The first two Japanese commercials for the highly anticipated DS RPG are out for viewing! Although still not betraying any secrets about its gameplay, which is still being kept largely hidden.

Just to clarify things though, since it doesn't mention a console name in both ads, the release date of December 9 2010 is for the DS version of Ninokuni, and not the PS3 version. The full title of the game shown in the ad is 二ノ国 漆黒の魔導士 (Ninokuni- Shikkoku no Madoushi, or Ninokuni- The Pitch Black Sorcerer), while the PS3 version's name is  二ノ国 白き聖灰の女王 (Ninokuni- Shiroki Kiyoshi Hai no Joou, or Ninokuni- Queen of the White Sacred Ash).

Two entriely different games sharing the same first name, on two entirely different platforms. Try not to mix them up again *wink*
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