Monday, September 13, 2010

Super Mario Bros. turns 25

Written by pikaby

25 already? Even I haven't lived that long to recognize the significance of the first Mario...but at least I was close. I grew up playing Super Mario World without knowing what a historic character he was, till the days of the Gamecube. Mario has been a part of me as it is for every other gamer, and it'll continue to be. So, the least I can do is say congrats to him, and I'll be seeing Mario for another 25 years to come, I hope.

But enough about me. Nintendo are throwing their own anniversary party, releasing this sweet-looking bundle in a red box, containig Super Mario All Stars, a soundtrack CD and a DVD with Mario's history in it. A website has also been opened to commemorate Mario's 25th birthday, and contests and lucky draws are organized with tons of Mario-related prizes to be won, including those sweet Mario hanafuda playing cards we saw a few months back They're different, with a large 25th anniversary emblem emblazoned on the back of each card. Tote bags, T-shirts, and so much more. To participate in the draw, Japanese people (yes, not you and me) have to buy a Wii or DS Mario game. Jealousy sets in.

You can view the awesome site for yourself here. Wish Mario a happy birthday while you're at it!
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