Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pokemon Black/White has done it

Written by pikaby

The final column is total units sold for the week. See that crazy increment from 2nd to first? Guess who?

1. Pokemon Black/White- 2557779 units (blimey!)
2. Front Mission Evolved- 51084 units
3. Yugioh  5DS Dark Force 5- 45879 units
4. Halo Reach, bundle + non-bundle- 44413 units
5. Wii Party, bundle + non-bundle- 36547 units

Monster Hunter Diaries dropped out of top five after two weeks holding the top spot, and it's really quite surprising to see Halo Reach up there when most Japanese don't even own X360s.

In the hardware sector, boosted by Pokemon Black/White, both DSi and DSi XL sales hold the top spot in Japan, selling 47379 and 31254 units respectively. That's the power of Pokemon for you.
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