Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nintendo 5-Star SummerCon Final Report

Written by pikaby

The forum's SummerCon event is now over! Read on for all the details of what happened in the last 3 months.
And it's over! I'll take down the four treasure rooms and the SummerCon banner over the next few days, but I'll leave out space for Destiny Guy's Ego.

The Nintendo 5-Star SummerCon, held from June 1 2010 to September 1 2010, aimed to attract more people to come and spend the year's largest school break at our forum of fun and games, and many activities were held. Over 10 new members joined who have posted at least once during the SummerCon period.

The events held during this period are:

N5S SummerCon Newbie Promotion: Any new member who joins during the entire duration of the SummerCon and becomes an active member will be granted access to Treasure Room 1. The prize was 8 different user icons. The number of members who were granted access, aside from the admins and mods, is 9.

N5S Annual Posting Contest: A forum tradition, this was held from June 17 to June 24. The rules are simple. Post as much as humanly possible within the one week and the top three will be granted access to Treasure Room 2. The winners were picked from the regular member division and the moderator division. Asiankid, Pwn, The FreakyManga in the member division, Crossburn, toadster101 and CRAZ1ah in the mod division. For detailed stats click [url=]here[/url].

Ranger Sign Contest: A contest involving inventing a line symbol for summoning Pokemon, like the ones used in Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. The top three is granted access to Treasure Room 3. 7 entries were received. The winners are TheFreakyManga, Pokefreak113 ad Mario The Hedgehog. For detailed stats and to see the entries click [url=]here[/url].

Video Game Survivor: Event organized by toadster101, this imitates the reality TV show Survivor, only held in an online forum. The rules remain the same as the TV show. Started in June 18 with 14 participants and is now in its 8th week and ongoing.

pikaby's Game Quiz: A quiz involving many aspects of gaming history and contemporary gaming knowledge, consisting of 30 questions. Started in July 9 and ended July 16th. Number of participants is 7. The prize was access to Trasure Room 4. The winners are Mario The Hedgehog, toadster101, TheFreakyManga (tie), and Saint Saturn. For detailed results click [url=]here[/url]. For the question and answer list click [url=]here[/url].

User War Meme Edition: A hurt & heal between forum users. Event organized by CRAZ1ah, with 15 starting participants. Started in June 16 2010 and ended after 64 days, on August 18 2010. No prize was provided for the winner. The winner of the game was the host himself. For detailed results go [url=]here[/url].

Kill Mechachick 2: The Return of God: Event organized by Crossburn, open to all from June 20 and still ongoing. Involves killing a robot called Mechachick with any attack you can think of. Basically an open-ended RP.

Unorganized events:

Find Me, Find V

And that concludes my final report. It has been a rollicking 3 months and I hope everyone enjoyed it to the max! Continue to have fun in Nintendo 5-Star, and thanks to everyone for their participation!

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