Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sky Arrow Bridge

Written by pikaby

It's official launch day! Pokemon Black/White, in Japanese...the language barrier didn't prevent N5S from going briefly Pokemon-insane for the day, and probably for the next few days to come too. All the updating has made me tired, and the full Pokedex of Gen 5 Pokemon plus their sprites can all be found on Here's their list.

Since this isn't a fully-fledged Pokemon blog I wouldn't go into too much detail about where you'll ctach which wild Pokemon, where you encounter Rival battles and such (those are for perfect guides and, of course, for you to find out on your own if you're playing it), but I still want everyone to watch this video. The Sky Arrow Bridge, connecting Yaguruma Forest and the legendary Hiun City. It's freakin' huge- nothing of the sort has ever been in a Pokemon game ever, and it's light years ahead of any new designs introduced in D/P. Even on the same handheld console.

The season is mentioned at the start of each play. It's Spring now. Nice. Those questions on the menu? It's whether you want to turn on Wireless connections and the C-Gear. It's always connected, see. Eats up battery life.
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