Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- (Probably) Final New Pokemon update

Written by pikaby

If you've been loyally keeping up for the past few days, the Pokedex is slowly being leaked out, and as pre-orders for the Japanese version are finally starting to ship, new info came down in one fell swoop. Evolutions and pre-evolutions of Pokemon we didn't know had one. Completely new beasts, and really unusual design choices. Story elements too.

Spoiler alert.
The Gym Leader list is as follows.
  • 1st Gym: Dento, Poddo, and Kon - Grass, Fire, Water - Tri Badge - Sanyou City. All Pokemon up to Level 20 will obey.
  • 2nd Gym: Aloe - Normal - Basic Badge - Shippou City. All Pokemon up to Level 30 will obey.
  • 3rd Gym: Aati - Bug - Beetle Badge - Hiun City. All Pokemon up to Level 40 will obey.
  • 4th Gym: Kamitsure - Electric - Bolt Badge - Raimon City. All Pokemon up to Level 50 will obey.
  • 5th Gym: Yakon - Ground - Quake Badge - Hodomoe City. All Pokemon up to Level 60 will obey.
  • 6th Gym: Furou - Flying - Jet Badge - Fukiyosa City. All Pokemon up to Level 70 will obey.
  • 7th Gym: Hachiku - Ice - Icicle Badge - Sekka City. All Pokemon up to Level 80 will obey.
  • 8th Gym: Iris / Shaga - Dragon - Legend Badge - Souryuu City. All Pokemon will obey.
Iris is Pokemon Black's final Gym Leader, while Shaga is for White.

PC Storage has 8 storage boxes. Eight. Enough for the Isshu Pokemon, sure, but factor in the National Dex and what happens then?

Then there's something about N being affiliated with Team Plasma. Not sure about that.

There's a huge metric ton of new revealed Pokes, and nearly all of them look exciting to have! This is by far, since the Gold/Silver days, the best region yet! I'll try to keep this brief- the list is getting huge and updated even as we speak.

For starters,

Tsutaaja - Jyanobii - Jyarohda  Proves the authenticity of the Ken Sugimori artwork a week ago.
Pokabu - Chaobuu - Enbuoo
Mijumaru - Futachimaru - Daikenki  Evolves to final at Lv36, like Tsutaaja.

Pokemon wit new confirmed evos
Mamepato - Hatoboo - ???
Yuniran - ??? - Rankurusu What. My adorable little green jelly ball has two pre-evos? Sweet! Unexpected though.
Gochimu - ??? - Gochiruzeru Just as unexpected as Rankurusu.
Baoppu - Baokki Fire monkey evolution. The other two have their own evos too, but no pics and names yet.
Koromori - Kokoromori The heart-nosed Bat Pokemon gets an evo.
Kurumiru - ??? - Hahakomori Kurumiru's final is beautifully designed. Looks like a praying mantis.
Monmen - Erefuun The cloud sheep! Pretty darn cute. And the best thing is it uses the Sun Stone to evolve
Churine - Doredia   And here we go. Not half as adorable as its pre-evo, but good design. Me likes.
Meguroko - Warubiru - ???  The Ground/Dark type crocodile's evolution line.
Desumasu - Desukaan  Remember the coffin Pokemon? It has a earlier stage.
Kibago - ??? - Ononokusu  If you remember those two, that is (the pure Dragon-types). Didn't know they were related.
Shimama - Zebraika  Electric zebra gets an evo. Cool-looking.
Koaruhii - Swana  Wow. Swan Pokemon has a pre-evo.
Yorterrie - Hahderia - ??? Yorterrie, the puppy dog Pokemon, has two stages of evolution, and the first is shown.

New Pokemon
Otomaro - Gamagaru - ??? A new Water tadpole-like Pokemon. It's even Water/Fighting like an old friend we know.
Reparudasu  A new Dark type leopard Pokemon. It's skin color's kinda weird.
Fushide - Hoiiga - ??? A line of centipede Pokemon. Bug/Poison type.
Zuruggu   A dark/Fighting type weirdo. Evolution? Not sure yet.
Shinporah  Some sort of a...actually I don't know what it is, it looks Native American/Egyptian to me. Whatever, it looks nice.
Dokkorar - ??? - ???  The Machop of the generation, also a pure Fighting type.
Kaburumo - ??? - ??? Set aside your hopes for a Heracross pre-evo, it's not happening.
Banipucchi - ??? - ??? Rage. Pokemon based on objects were always odd, but this crosses the line. Ice-cream? WTF?
Ishizumai  A new Water type Pokemon, looks like a hermit crab.
Yaburuko - ??? The garbage bag Pokemon. As controversial as it may sound, remember, Swalot from Gen 3 was also loosely based on this idea.

It's a crapload to absorb. No doubt some of you may want to memorize the list right now, and if that's the case, go on ahead. I'm saving my brain cells for actually playing the game itself.

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