Monday, September 27, 2010

Pokemon B/W- The great color divide

Written by pikaby

One of the greatest disparities in Pokemon Black/White and the most interesting aspect of both games are their version-exclusive locations, Black City and White Forest. They're on the same location of the Isshu map, which is to the east of Raimon City (4th Gym, Pokemon Musical). Not only are they completely different, but the things you get to do in there will make players with opposite versions want to co-operate with each other even more. It does matter if you're black or white.

In Black City, it's all technology and buildings, with not a single hint of foliage on the ground. Here, you can battle many different strong Trainers and rematch them daily, something you can't do in the White Version. You also have an opportunity to buy evolution stones and other rare items that don't appear more than once or twice in-game. All the evolution stones. From the first 4 elemental stones all the way up to the Dusk/Dawn stones of Diamond/Pearl. Black City has it all. Players of White Version would be jealous...or would they?

White Forest is also a settlement of people, except they live in symbiosis with nature and Pokemon around them. Although you don't get rare items or trainers, there are Pokemon living in White Forest which can't be caught in Pokemon Black after you obtain the National Dex. These Pokemon are at Level 5 in the wild, and can be battled by the trainers in Pokemon Black as their fully-evolved forms (for example, you can catch a Nidoran in White, but battle Nidoqueen in Black). Pokemon Black owners won't be able to catch these Pokemon. Thought there were just 3 different version exclusive Pokemon sets? Factor White Forest in and White has at least thirty more exclusive Pokemon.

White is disadvantaged by not being able to gain access to more items and EXP Points, while Black is disadvantaged by not being able to catch more Pokemon. Of course, the High Link connects the two versions by local wireless so each can reap the benefits of the other. The Pokemon you can catch/battle also changes when High Link is used. This is how Black/White makes players co-operate with each other. Clever, ain't it?
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