Saturday, May 29, 2010

And Kensaku released?

Written by pikaby

I didn't know. Then this box grabbed my attention (I wasn't allowed to take photos there, so this stock photo will have to do) because of the large cute blue face (as always is the case with me), and I read the fine print. And-Kensaku. Holy crap. I missed its release date by a whole month too. It was out on April 29th and I lost track of it in all the excitement of new Pokemon and Mario Galaxy 2.

I haven't bought it yet, but I might because I've wanted to give this Nintendo-Google partnership game a try. It might not increase my prowess at searching for stuff, but at least I have an excuse to use my Miis again after Wii Sports Resort and Tomodachi Collection. Yeah, maybe I'll get this.

Oh, the blue face belongs to mister-obligatory-cute-mascot of And-Kensaku(bottom left corner of the box), to ease in non-gamers and all the cute-loving people of Japan into this game. I'm about as gullible as them.
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