Sunday, May 9, 2010

Man goes nuts after playing on Wii

Written by pikaby

No, not this guy.

After the 'Wii Fit sex addict' article, I was really sure nothing could top the bizzare-o-meter in gaming news for a while. This one? Holy crap.

A man who police say bit his mom in the ankle, broke out a window with a BB gun and hit a pedestrian and a tree with his car was arrested Thursday evening.

Colorado Springs police went to Meadows Mobile Home Park about 5 p.m. Thursday in response to reports of a disturbance with a bat and a gun. According to police, James Williams had gotten angry over a Wii game and went on a rampage. At some point, he got into his car and rammed several other vehicles as well as hitting the pedestrian and tree. Several residents in the park followed him and when they confronted him, he got out of his car and used his BB gun on another vehicle.

When an officer arrived, Williams ran at his police cruiser and jumped on the hood. When he jumped off, Williams was tased by the officer and arrested.

BB guns aren't lethal, but this guy really cracked. *thinks of frustrating Wii games that would make people go nuts*

Maybe he was shocked at how bad Chicken Shoot was.
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